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Those batteries are interesting... They might even be available over here by the time I start! hehehe.

I'm aiming for LiFePo4 batteries at the moment, because they are less prone to thermal runaway and explosions than LiPoly, while still being lighter and higher capacity than lead/acid. Still crazy expensive, though they're supposed to last longer so that it evens out.

As for utes... Yeah, they're great. You can load them up in the back with as many batteries as you want. Trouble is that they're usually only two seaters, and personally I need something that'll let me take the wife and kids places, too. That way I figure I'd recoup the costs a bit quicker than if I just went to work and back. But structurally they're great - lighter than your "trucks", but still built solidly for heavy loads.

I'll have to keep an eye on these Firefly batteries!
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