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Originally Posted by guitarterry View Post
I am using the old foot cruize. But as you can see by using the scangauge is your mpg goes up and up as you get use to holding a constant gas useage, i set my gauge to mpg and try to maintain 50 mpg. as you can see from my fuel log it is working great. I notice that you can be driving say 55 mph and getting 45 mpg, with just a minute backing off of the throtle, the mpg's go up to 50, but speed stays the same. its like free mpg's. but if i was doing a mpg cruize control or a constant throttle. i wouldnt get the same results.
I see what you are talking about now, I have noticed the same phenomenon in my tracker but I have basically no flat roads on my commute so its hard to see what is going on as my instantaneous mileage moves around alot even with constant throttle postion. Also the areo drag is quite high so backing off a little results in lower speed almost right away.

I can see though having cruise that tries to optimize mpg's would help abit, I'd think it would be possible to add some "intelligence" to help, sounds like a good college electronics project!

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