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Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
OK, this isn't an extensive mod at first glance but it IS a case of setting up your car as the maker never intended. So I say running tires at anything like 50 psi is a mod if your car was spec'd somewhere around 27-35 psi.

Are any tires actually spec'd this low? I usually only see 44, I think. That's what mine are.

I've been running my own tires way over the car maker's original recommend, since this past summer. I wouldn't have it any other way. Currently running 44 psi tires at 50-52 psi; original spec is 27 and 32 (owner's choice).

I've mentioned 50 psi tires as a good way to help FE on some other brand-dedicated message boards and received responses saying this would be unsafe. One of the biggest objections is that a reduced contact patch will result in reduced traction. Hard to argue against, and possibly true.

Have you ever seen the police article that advocated 50PSI for increased traction and performance? Very interesting. My own anecdotal evidence with overinflated tires shows me little (noticable) difference in traction.

It would be good to know if running tires at about 20 psi over the car's spec actually does help or hurt traction.

Indeed, I hope someone can do it. For my part I have neither ABS nor low-pressure spec'd tires.
I added my thoughts in bold, it would certainly be a very interesting test and something tht a lot of people doing this would be interested in, so I hope someone can pull it off.

I would also wonder how it would go with a non-abs car like mine. Unfortunately I live in a VERY cop/traffic heavy area, and salt on the roads right now makes me think my results wouldn't be consistent.

for the idea.
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