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Sorry for replying 4 months later, I've been busy with work. I do have a block heater and was using it regularly. I have a timer at home and at work we have plugins so it just gets plugged in when I get there, (I know wasting lots of electricty but its a drop in the bucket compared to what the factory uses)

I've been averaging 32mpg, the highest was 35mpg on one tank. Thats running E10, It does do better with straight gas however I can deal with the decrease to burn some ethanol. I've been thinking of installing a small heater core in the air box to help the engine run leaner. With the Ultraguage I can keep an eye on the temps. I'm also going to need new tires pretty soon though I don't think I'll go to LRR tires as I don't want to have two sets of tires, one summer and one winter.
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