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BCD testing

Discovered about this time, and learned that my driving skills had room for improvement. Got serious about DWL (B testing), slowed slightly to 55 MPH in 55 and higher speed limits. The Scanguage showed that the Canyon really sucked gas at 65 MPH, so that test was terminated before getting a useable MPG number.

Used engine on coasting in neutral for speed limit changes, and tried engine off coasting. Decided to save the engine off coasting until I installed a kill switch.

Time for new tires, put on a set of Nokian WR 235/75R15 (C testing). These tires are one size larger than stock, with 2% larger diameter. All mile readings from this point have 2% added to correct for the larger tires.

Did a coastdown test with the tires at placard (33 PSI), the repeated with them pumped to 47 PSI (D testing, sidewall maximum). It coasted much better, so left them at 47 PSI.

Because three changes were made at the same time, it is not possible to separate the effects of each change. I do know that the new WR tires did not coast as well as the worn previous tires at 33 PSI, but coasted better than the previous tires when at 47 PSI. The previous tires were at 33 PSI.

Winter: December 2007 thru Feb 2008: 23.24 MPG (+10.7%)
Summer 2008: 29.70 MPG (+10%)
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