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Nice post. I'll be interested to read about the effects of mods F and G.

Originally Posted by JRMichler View Post
The Scanguage showed that the Canyon really sucked gas at 65 MPH, so that test was terminated before getting a useable MPG number.
By chance, do you remember about how big of a hit in FE you were taking at 65 vs 55?

I don't do much highway driving, but this has been my technique when I do:

Pick PSL as my 'target speed' (this often makes me one of the slower vehicles). Bleed off 5mph or so uphill. Go just a few mph over PSL on the downhill while remaining in gear.

This technique got me a trip average of a little over 27.5mpg with a PSL of 65 during a winter road trip with tires at placard 33psi.

(regular cab, 2.9l 4cyl, manual and bed cover).
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