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After today I can see why this thread is part of the "Daily Grind." Definitely the "Grind" part anyway. I drove to Wayne's house(Wayne Gerdes of this morning and got a very respectable 70.2 over 155 miles. This included ~5 miles of snow so heavy on highway 41 that I couldn't see the lane markings. Wayne then drove from his house to Oak Creek, WI and managed to pull off 70.2 miles over the 38.5 mile trip. Then the weather turned really ugly. The wind picked up and the snow started coming down pretty hard. The 1 mile trip to Culver's only allowed me 25.7 mpg. Wayne decided that I'd better drive because he didn't want to be responsible for the horrible FE that was in store for the trip back to his house. The traffic on I-94 was fairly heavy and travelling a max of ~40 mph and I managed 64.9 for the 39.5 mile trip from Culver's into his drive. By the time I got into Chicago from I was over 70 mpg but the bottom fell out when I rounded the lake and headed east towards Indiana; I encountered a 10-15 mph headwind and slippery/snow covered roads and thankfully slow moving traffic. By the time I pulled into my garage at the end of the 154 mile trip from Wayne's the mpg had plummeted to 60.8. Despite all the snow and wind, I managed 65.4 for 388 miles of highway travel in a car that the EPA says should only get 51 mpg on the highway. SHM rocks!:woot:
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