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MPGuino calibration on a boat

I'm looking at adding MPGuino to a ski boat. I know this is outside the common cause for this forum and a ski boats have very little to do with efficiency. However this seems to be the best place to find MPGuino experts. I've often wondered the optimal fuel efficiency point for my ski boat. It seems that near top speed (~35mph) would be the most efficient cruise speed since the amount of surface area on the water is lowest. However, its hard to believe that when the engine is turning 4200rpm. So I tend to cruise slower ~25mph. My gut says slower is more efficient, but logic says faster is. I'm also curious about the impact of weight balance, both Port vs Starboard and Stern vs Bow. Enter MPGuinio...

The boat I'm working with has a paddle wheel speed sensor that is accurate down to 1/5 of a mph. I'm quite certain it is a pulsed signal similar to VSS. This is a fuel injected V8 so injector signal is a matter of running a wire.

Where I'm not sure is calibrating the MPG. There is no odometer. From the research I've done, calibration appears to be a manual feedback function of miles traveled verses fuel added to the tank. I suppose I could use my Arduino Uno and build a program to replicate an odometer-(I think). I'm not looking for something super accurate, just a semi-accurate ratio of speed / fuel burn.

I appreciate any thoughts.

P.S. I tried searching the forums, but I picked up hundreds of results for "Metro Boat Tail"

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