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mythbusters tests tyre / tire pressure

It's about time guys, Mythbusters has finally tested the myth of over inflated and under inflated tyres!!!

heres the link ad the results

MythBusters: Tire Pressure Test : Video : Discovery Channel
TV Review: Mythbusters 8.23 – “MiniMyth Madness” | Fandomania

Control, 35psi (manufacturer recomendation)
tyres at 10psi = 3.7% increase in consumption
tyres at 30psi = 1.2% increase in consumption
tyres at 40psi = 6.2% decrease in consumption
tyres at 60psi = 7.6% decrease in consumption

im amazed that even at 5PSI over recomended pressure there was a 6% increase!!!

They even said that over 1 year you would save roughly $77(us), that may not sound like much but that $77 more in my pocket for spending 2mins pumping up tyres


test car: 2004-2007 Ford Taurus

test methodology:

  1. Lay out a driving course that simulates normal city driving with a series of stops, turns, etc.
  2. Bypass the car’s gas tank and fit it with a fuel cell that can be removed and weighed in order to measure precisely the amount of gas used during each test.
  3. Make sure tires are inflated to the recommended pressure of 35 psi for the control test.
  4. Drive the course and calculate the gas mileage.
  5. Repeat step 3 with tires extremely under-inflated (10 psi) and extremely over-inflated (60 psi).
  6. Repeat step 3 with tires slightly under-inflated (30 psi — 15% lower than recommended pressure) and slightly over-inflated (40 psi — 15% higher than recommended pressure).
  7. Analyze the results.
(source: TV Review: Mythbusters 8.23 – “MiniMyth Madness” | Fandomania )

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