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Originally Posted by pounsfos View Post
It's about time guys, Mythbusters has finally tested the myth of over inflated and under inflated tyres!!!

heres the link ad the results

MythBusters: Tire Pressure Test : Video : Discovery Channel
TV Review: Mythbusters 8.23 – “MiniMyth Madness” | Fandomania

Control, 35psi (manufacturer recomendation)
tyres at 10psi = 3.7% increase in consumption
tyres at 30psi = 1.2% increase in consumption
tyres at 40psi = 6.2% decrease in consumption
tyres at 60psi = 7.6% decrease in consumption

im amazed that even at 5PSI over recomended pressure there was a 6% increase!!!

They even said that over 1 year you would save roughly $77(us), that may not sound like much but that $77 more in my pocket for spending 2mins pumping up tyres
" However, although the car got even better gas mileage when the tires were over-inflated, this is not a good idea for safety reasons and because it causes the tires to wear unevenly."

But did the do any testing to prove this statement?

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