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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Driving efficiently when nobody's looking? C'mon! :P

Cold air is good for power. The idea behind a warm air intake is to intentionally DEpower the engine, which requires a wider throttle opening to do the same amount of work. A wider throttle opening means reduced pumping losses. One of several reasons diesel engines are more efficient is because they have no throttle plate.

A grille block is just that: closing up some of the front of the vehicle ahead of the radiator. A significant amount of the total aero drag of a vehicle is airflow through the radiator. If you don't NEED the airflow, closing off that opening will help. Don't melt your engine though.

Cold air is good for power cause air expands as it gets hotter. When it is cold the volume/density changes and you get more air/oxygen in the same amount of space.
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