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Originally Posted by capnbass91 View Post
isn't that idea a fact? when over-inflated only the middle of the tire will have contact with the road and that part will wear out faster than the outside; it will wear unevenly.
If you have bias ply tires, yes they will wear down the center, I haven't seen bias ply tires sold in the US in the last 20 years or more tho.
This is not scientific but there are plenty of people like my self who for years have run their tires at 45 to 50psi (I have tire pressure valve caps that change to red when the tire pressure drops to 45psi) and my tires wear dead even, my old civic vx belongs to a friend of mine now and is still running 50psi on a set of tires I bought new over 50,000 miles ago and my current tires I've personally put 20,000 miles on, are near the end of their life with the same pressure and dead even wear as well, I tend to be cheap so I don't like spending money on tires, but I also buy decent tires with a 44 psi rating or 51psi rating, so my pressure is not really beyond what the tire is designed for and I recommend that others pay attention as well to what your tire is rated for and not go above that unless you are willing to take that risk on your own.
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