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Originally Posted by capnbass91 View Post
isn't that idea a fact? when over-inflated only the middle of the tire will have contact with the road and that part will wear out faster than the outside; it will wear unevenly.
Depends on what you'd call overinflated.
Higher than recommended for the car.
Higher than max. rated tyre pressure. (That's overinflated to me.)

At max. rated tyre pressure, the bulging ain't happening on my tyres.

Actually, on my car the max. rated pressure has finally evened out the tyre wear !
Despite being properly aligned, the tyres used to wear harder on the shoulders. Well, not anymore.

So the higher inflation is definitely lifting the center part of the thread.

Going beyond max. rated pressure, I'd expect to start seeing more wear on the center part of the tyre.
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