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Originally Posted by nemo View Post
" However, although the car got even better gas mileage when the tires were over-inflated, this is not a good idea for safety reasons and because it causes the tires to wear unevenly."

But did the do any testing to prove this statement?
If they did, they didn't show it in this show or any other that I've seen.

My take is that it is the usual US legal BS to avoid liability - thereby sustaining the myths they're pretending to be busting.

Maybe we, as part of the ecomodder / hypermiling community, should ask them to test when tyres really blow out, to settle the issue once and for all.

I very much doubt the overinflated tyre will fail on this side of 100psi

Test conditions :
- decently handling, non-hybrid car.
- fuel use and course times to be monitored
- good quality, new tyres rated for say 45psi.
- no re-use of the underinflated tyres for any of the other tests !
- demanding handling and/or harshness course to get the heat in the tyres.
- say 30 psi under and over the car's recommended pressure.

Test ends when a tyre blows or comes off the rim.
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