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I drive about 41 miles a day to work, 84 round trip (stop for coffee and donuts ), and have been averaging 38 MPG in my 07 Corolla S with 225/45/17 tires. Ignore the 32.71 average on the left, I only started driving slower a few tanks ago. I know I could do better with the stock tire size, especially considering the price of gas now, but I just love the looks and handling benefits too much, GRIP FTW! If I have to spend more than $60 per tank (11 gallons = $40 - $45 right now) of gas then the stock tires are definitly going back on but until then it's Griptastic Grip time.

I never accelerate much past 2k RPM's and have been cruising at 60 MPH. I'm too scared to cruise any slower on my commute home, people around here drive like mad crazy a**tards. The commute there is a good time to experiment with MPG though, not a lot of people on the road at 4 a.m.

Once I have enough for a Scangauge I'll start testing and post up again but I want to get my windows tinted first, summer here is a biat** and I'm wierd about using the A/C in my car. That and people won't be able to see who the a**hole is going 50 in a 65.

I may be crazy but at least I'm not sane.

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