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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Autoblog Green reports triumphantly Spike in small-car sales ups average fuel economy to 22.7 mpg in first quarter of 2011:

Yet it only shows how badly the US is doing in availability and market acceptance of fuel efficient cars.

22.7 mpg is a staggering 10.36 L/100 km on average.
For gasoline, that corresponds to a CO2 output of 247.8 gram/km.

For comparison, in Portugal the CO2 output of new cars sold in 2010 was 127.4 gram/km (#1 of 21 EU countries) , 130.8 in France (#2), and 133.9 in Belgium (#6).
If we translate the Belgian average (mostly diesel cars) to mpg, we're talking about 46.1 mpg !

PaleMelanesian once computed that new-EPA is 85% of the less realistic NEDC.
Accounting for that, those 46.1 mpg would become a more realistic 39.2 mpg.

Still a whopping 73 % better than the US average mpg !
Have a question; why is it that when it comes to bringing the more fuel efficient cars, minivans, and trucks to the US market that the usual answer is that they don't meet the emission and crash standards? It doesn't make sense.

It's almost saying, " Europeans and those in the world markets have to have more polluting and less safe vehicles because of where they are. "
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