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Kodak: I didn't drive 65 long enough to have a number. Once I noticed that it was significantly worse than the MPG at 55 MPH, I slowed down.

Your description of slowing down uphill is what we call DWL. The Canyon responds nicely to DWL. I monitor manifold absolute pressure using my Scangauge to get the best benefit from DWL.

When I mentioned driving "normal" in the first post, it would have been more correct to say "I THOUGHT I was driving for gas mileage".

Now for E testing: the kill switch.

The kill switch was installed 12-7-2008. It breaks the connection through the fuel injector fuse to kill the engine. I cut the plastic off a spare fuse, removed the fuse element, and soldered wires to the fuse pins. These wires were connected to an automotive relay. The relay coil is energized through a pushbutton switch mounted on the shift lever. The relay is connected normally closed, so the circuit is opened when the relay coil is energized. The fuel injector circuit has an inline fuse, with another inline fuse in the wire to the pushbutton. I can bypass the kill switch any time by pulling the connectors from the fuse box and putting a fuse back in. All wires are protected by fuses. This is especially important when running wires through the firewall, under carpeting, and up the shift lever.

The kill switch works well, however I randomly get a CEL. The CEL is either a P0204 or P0461. I just reset using the Scangauge. Strangely, I always get a CEL at the first EOC after filling the tank. That CEL is also accompanied by the gas gauge moving to Empty. The gas gauge stays at empty until the CEL is reset. The BCM also relocks all the door locks every time at a bump start.

It was a challenge finding a pushbutton switch that would not rattle from the shift lever shaking.

My longest glide is about a mile, at a downhill speed limit change. I try to glide down to about 20 MPH when approaching stop signs. I attempt to maintain at least 7 lbs MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), then glide when the speed starts to increase a few MPH. This minimizes the time the engine runs at low efficiency.

Results: December 08 thru Feb 09: 24.68 MPG (+6.2%)
Summer 2009: 32.14 MPG (+8.2%)

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