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Initially I thought this was just a new version of Magnatec oil which was intended to 'cling' to components more than, er, other oils. The science bit from the website :

The Science Behind Excelerated Oil

Excelerated Oil works by using a combination of hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Once the oil is in itís pure state, proprietary technology and techniques are used in blending military grade additions to the oil. When this oil is added to the engine, the additives electrically bond to the moving parts. As the surfaces encounter each other, the molecules from each component oppose their counter of the opposite part. As the temperature and rpmís of the engine increase, the electrical opposition also increases.

A simple explanation of electrical opposition is to take 2 magnets and try to push the positive ends together, because of the opposing molecules the two magnets cause separation. Excelerated Oil works on the same principle thus causing less engine friction.
So its the oil version of the integrated electric motor ? An immediate thought is wouldn't the magnetic effect also create resistance when you didn't need it, therefore cancelling out any benefits ?
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