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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
A quick poke around US makers / importers websites seems to suggest more and more smaller and more economical models coming up - the new Aveo looks a big improvement over the old Daewoo Kalos based thing sold just now for example.

I suspect the margins on the really cheap cars - like the Aygo - would be too thin to make them viable, unless Toyota were to make them locally, maybe in Mexico or further south for example - and ship them in.

In terms of general car size and thirst, the North American market seems out of sync with the rest of the world and it has quite a few NA market only models. Now that the US market is no longer the largest in the world I wonder how long those exclusive models will last.
As long as the price of fuel keeps trending upward, and more people start to do research on other options that have better mpg, hopefully not too much longer. The US market has never had to deal with continuously high energy prices on a regular basis like the European and Japanese markets have for years. The adjustment is rough and even though new models are coming to market that can address it, most can't afford to buy them right now.
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