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It's a marketing issue. The Mini and the Prius got popular with the rich folks and consequently sold well. The new Fiat 500 is going to do the same thing. If style and efficiency are blended right, folks'll buy it.

Americans are a vain bunch, and the OEMs are tone deaf by and large. But every now and then they have a genius moment and build something that the people want and want bad.

Right now, 35 mpg rated seems to be the big deal with the smaller cars at 41 mpg. Big whoop, not a big enough jump to justify spending tens of thousands for it. Now if they offered something that can break 50 mpg or better, I might show a pulse, 60 mpg with no fancy driving tricks and room enough for my brood and you will have a customer. Break 35 mpg in a minivan or wagon off the showroom floor, and I'll get customers for you.

Piwoslaw has what I want but I can't buy it here, darn.

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