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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
But does anyone really need a 6L engine - even in a pick-up ?
Over here, we put that kind of engine in trucks. Real trucks that is, lorries.
I was talking to a gentleman who makes aftertreatment systems for diesels ( add on aftermarket ) who originally was from London and is now based in the States. He explained to me that the Cummins ISB is used in the buses in London ( 5.9L-6.7L ); most of the city buses we have are equipped with 9L and up engines and only average 22 mph.

No we don't need trucks with that much motor. Unless you pull caravans or heavy trailers 90% of the time it's a true waste. Most people never use a pickup for what its meant for anyway, just like the size and image. The euro diesels like the Bimmer 3.0 make like 425 lb/ft of torque. The 7.3 Powerstroke made that when it first came out and its over double the size.

Ford now has a 4.5 ISB Cummins in its pickups that has more than enough torque for a lot of what we do. And they don't sell it here.
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