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1. Do you work on the same project until finished, or jump from one to the next?

I used to have multiple projects going at one time but because I wanted to get done with my biggest project, I have stopped working on all but one. I have two major projects that I am planning, and a few more ideas.

My current project: Cruising Sailor • View topic - Whaleback microcruiser project

2. Having a lot of projects usually means having too many cars, bikes, engines, etc. Do you find yourself hoarding parts? Things you may never use again, but it's to good to recycle?

I have so many parts in my garage that I can often build small projects by scrounging stuff from the pile. Right now I have way too much scrap wood, but as soon as I finish my boat, I am burning or dumping most of the scrap. If I dump it now, I will probably throw away something I need. My garage is now to the point that I can't walk around in it without stepping on things and climbing around things, and I can't find anything without moving piles of other things. It is very upsetting.

3. Are your projects and garage organized or scattered?

The mark of intelligence is one's ability to manage chaos.

4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of things needing fixed? Or are the projects something you look forward to working on?

Right now I have laser focus on getting my boat done, so I am taking that one day at a time. Cleaning up the garage is a dark cloud hanging over the future when the boat gets done.

5. Once you complete a project do you look to get another shortly after completion? Or drive and use the completed project for a while before moving on to the next?

I am a builder. I tend to build something and use it some, but then build something else. Unfortunately I am not very good at selling what I build. If I could do that, I would be much happier.
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