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Originally Posted by zonker View Post
I think the most wasteful and needless use of fuel around these parts is transporting kids to school.

All you see around here is moms making the "commute" with their kids in a surface street traffic jam that rivals the worst of LA freeways.

What ever happened to the School Bus? Riding a bike? Walking?
Our brilliant leaders have knocked down all the neighborhood schools (that most everyone could easily walk to) in favor of sparkling new Taj Mahals on the outskirts of town that nobody walks to, so everyone must be bussed or individually driven there... except for the new housing subdivisions that sprout up next to the new Taj Mahal, which eventually will recreate what was there in the first place, except with a dead zone in the center of town, thus ensuring that sprawl is a permanent blight on the landscape.

Add to that this thing where no longer does living within the boundaries of a school district mean you go to school in that district. Every day, numerous school busses thunder past my house (they really ARE noisy GD things, aren't they???) from several towns up to 25 miles away. Is all this bussing the reason schools are a funding black hole i.e. there is never, ever enough money?

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