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Originally Posted by Camaro View Post
mmm... I guess I'm not the only one with programming questions. I've checked my high low fuse bits (not a straight forward task with AVRDUDE), and they seem fine, except my oscillator is set as an external RC oscillator. Is that ok? We use a crystal on the board not a resistor capacitor, maybe that's the problem.
I don't think it will oscillate if you set it for external RC then use a xtal. Never tried it, but I think that may be your problem. No oscillator means it will take a long time to do anything.......
I have an oscilloscope and one of the first things I always check when powering up a uC board for the first time is that the oscillator is running.

Its been a while since I used the Atmel set up as I have been playing with PICs for a while. And my PonyProg has a home made interface, but it did all go together quite easily.
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