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Originally Posted by harlequin2 View Post
I don't think it will oscillate if you set it for external RC then use a xtal. Never tried it, but I think that may be your problem. No oscillator means it will take a long time to do anything.......
I have an oscilloscope and one of the first things I always check when powering up a uC board for the first time is that the oscillator is running.

Its been a while since I used the Atmel set up as I have been playing with PICs for a while. And my PonyProg has a home made interface, but it did all go together quite easily.
Ok, my test programs worked when it was set to the external RC (weird), and they run faster now that I set the fuses for external crystal. BUT courgar.c code still does nothing. The green GR9 led comes on but that's it. What am I missing? PC6 is reset, Watch dog timer is 1 (not always on), SPIEN is 0 (I can serial program), CKOPT is 0 (high speed), EESAVE is 1, my boot size is 256, my boot reset is at 0xF00. Is the boot loader my problem... thinking out loud...
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