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1. Jump around from one project to the next. Get something to at least work, finish off later. Still working on the later part. Projects get fixed in order of importance, cost, time to complet and the wife factor. How much nagging will I hear from her for working on my stuff instead of working on hers. I'm just sayin'....

2. Used to hoard anything that was still usable. Slowly been getting rid of anything that's no longer of use. Why keep parts for cars I no longer own?

3. Hopefully exorcised some demons here recently. Did a massive 2 day garage cleaning. Re-organized, disposed of items I'd never use again, complete spring cleaning. Cars are stacked like dominos. Easy to get to any one without moving them all.

4. At home and in the garage the projects and fixes never seem that bad. They can be fixed and I'll do the repairs. Occationally have a friend to help on the cars. Fixing one of the cars is thereaputic. Work is overwhelming. 25 patients and 1 nurse.

5. It's so hard to pass up on a good deal ya know? But, before making that next purchase, there are a few things I consider. Initial cost to purchase, cost to fix, time to fix, availability of the parts and most importantly how much can be made when selling. Rarely ever sell a car (or anything) for less than I bought it for. Fix one, sell another. Hundreds and hundreds of cars. Buy 2 sell 1, buy 2 sell 1, help stop the madness!

Originally Posted by vacationtime247 View Post

1. Do you work on the same project until finished, or jump from one to the next?

2. Having a lot of projects usually means having to many cars, bikes, engines, etc. Do you find yourself hoarding parts? Things you may never use again, but it's to good to recycle?

3. Are your projects and garage organized or scattered?

4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of things needing fixed? Or are the projects something you look forward to working on?

5. Once you complete a project do you look to get another shortly after completion? Or drive and use the completed project for a while before moving on to the next?

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