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Originally Posted by zonker View Post
I too think we could go a long way in making things easier by standardizing goverment standards across the board
That'd be a start.
Some countries have already picked up the EURO standards - though the in-force dates vary.

our grade of diesel fuel is not as refined as the diesel sold in EU.
Which means it's more of a pollutant than it should be.

The US has/is in the process of upgrading the quality of diesel here but so far only to a cost effective point.
Diesel is marginally more expensive than gas to refine, even to the higher EU standards.

The ultimate price difference is mostly due to taxes anyway, so that shouldn't be much of a problem - if the gov't comes along to reduce pollution.

Higher quality diesel means higher priced diesel
If taxes stay the same.
It will also reduce emissions a lot.

Theres also the question of whether the US public would jump ship to an oil burner, due to it's lower likelihood of finding a diesel station than a gasoline one.
Every fuel station caries diesel over here.

The only one I've ever come across that didn't, was some backroad fuel station way up in Sweden.
Come to think of it, they had but one pump and only sold 91 octane gas - that'd be 85 octane in the US - so the bike ran rather badly.
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