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Originally Posted by TomO View Post
This is part of the normal behavior of the d15Z1...At a constant cruise speed it will lean out as much as it can. Lean running makes less power and wind resistance will eventually start to slow the car down. When you start to push the pedal down to compensate, it takes a second for the mixture to richen up to where it makes more power.

Also, when cruising steady state, the ECU will periodically run rich a bit in order to keep the catalytic converter up to temp as running lean will cool off the catalytic converter.
I got my mpguino hooked up and was monitoring the MPG while cruising below 50mph, HOLY COW! This thing is sweet.

On the highway, IT SUCKS. It will go into lean burn and the mpg will shoot up to like 50-70 depending on the grade. Then the car will slowly decelerate and i'll have to push the pedal down like you stated to richen it up, and then BAM, 28mpg until i accelerate like 4-5 mph, then great gas mileage again, until BAM 28mpg.

I cleared the trip data on the mpguino while already going 70mph on the highway and i was impressed that I kept 64 mpg for like 1/8 mile, then it started slowing down and then dropped out of lean burn to 28mpg. After averaging the mpg over my highway only jaunt averaging 64 mph, I only got 35mpg.

This is like 3mpg better than the previous engine.

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