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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
I really doubt that a lumbering engine of this type, or even a reduced in size version for cars would make an attractive car for a lot of people. It would be reliable - see how many Merc 300Ds are still around going strong - but would only be something an enthusiast would seek out.

I can't see a 500 with only 35 MPG, but the bog-standard petrol 500s have pretty old-ish engines - kind of automotive porridge to be honest, like the MINI Cooper non-S.

A 1.3 Multijet (Diesel) will make 67 combined (imp) MPG and the Twin Air (Petrol) is claimed to have 68 mpg combined - although some people question if it can do that in every day motoring.

But if someone wants to sponsor me for a year, I'll long term test a TwinAir and see if its possible for an ecomodder member
The US version obviously gets the shaft as usual. The US Fiat 500 is rated 30mpg city 38mpg highway
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