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Originally Posted by endurance View Post
As for the kill switch, I tried putting a crankshaft sensor kill switch in, but it doesn't work (almost stalls it, but not quite).
Did you just press the switch, or press and hold? I use the crankshaft position sensor to kill my engine and I have to hold it for something like 1-2 seconds else it coughs and revs up again. If I hold it for even longer then the ECU throws a 'Low Oil Pressure' code.
Another option may be the camshaft position sensor, though in my case it wouldn't kill the engine (not even cough), it would only prevent it from starting. In many cars those two sensors (crank- and camshaft) are syncronised at start-up so the engine can keep going if the signal from one of them is lost. Killing both at the same time should stop the engine.
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