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Wow, talk about old school! Beautiful car, wish we had metal that nice and rust free in my area.

I'll toss in my .02. If you haven't tuned it up lately, give it a thorough one and add a MSD-6 or MSD-6A amplifier ( go to Summit Racing, I think they ship overseas ), coil and wires. I've used Techtonics parts on my VWs and like their quality, but I know that there are more tuning houses in Europe that can accomodate bolt ons. I don't know if Jacobs Electronics is still around or not, but they had a pretty good ignition system also.

It's all old timey tricks; play around with the timing ( advance the timing bit by bit and track the performance change ), make sure the carburetor is adjusted properly, add some type of monitoring device that can track the fuel consumption in real time. Maybe a bolt on, low restriction, but quiet exhaust system.
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