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New forumer, new driver

After three days of browsing this forum, I finally made an account. It's a little difficult to explain my position, but I'll see how this post turns out.

I have been looking forward to driving for a long time, but up until the fall I had no hope for getting a good car that would fit my needs. I'm currently in high school, which is 45 minutes away from my house, and I have a lot of schedule issues because a very small percentage of my friends live close so we can't carpool much (in fact, we're having some trouble with getting to a friend's house tomorrow).

But in the fall, my aunt had to move to Massachusetts, and she is currently unable to drive, so we have her car sitting in our backyard. This car is a 2000 Honda Insight, and it has become mine. That is how I got to this forum.

I have just recently become old enough to get a permit and I have been getting more involved in getting this car up and running. It took a long time to get running since it didn't start after the winter, but that's for later.

So hi, I'm the new owner of an original Insight, and a new driver trying to maximize fuel-efficiency. Nice to finally join the community.

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