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I checked the tps and the map sensor per the repair manuals trouble shooting tests and they both are in spec.

I have a 2nd O2 sensor I was going to test in the car, and i also tested another p07 A00 ecu that I have laying around. The ecu didn't change anything; however, i took out the crappy bosch platinum plugs and put in a fresh set of the OEM ngk plugs, and BOY DID THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

For anybody that reads this thread and has a hesitation issue as well, try new plugs first. I gained 12 mpg on the highway, and I think it eliminated the hesitation completely. Now what i feel I believe to the the "normal" lean burn transition. Mpguino verified!

Before I couldn't hold 70mph with the bosch plugs, and now I have no problem holding 70, except that i'm trying to keep it in lean burn as hard as possible and sometimes just have to give in and give it more gas to maintain speed.

I did this swap to get better gas mileage of course, but I don't want to change my highway driving habits of 70mph on cruise. We will see how it turns out.
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