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Originally Posted by zonker View Post
I assume the US model is heavier due to the 5mph bumpers and the gazillion airbag system thats fitted here.

I am geeked over the 500's 1.4L multi air engine. The head design and multiair valve acuation system is novel and a real gem, and I would think capable of getting higher mpg numbers.

Remove a few lbs of curb weight, tweak that multi air system, and hypermile drive it, and you might have a 50mpg runner...

Or just say screw it and find an old Geo Metro XFi lol.
AFAIK the US and European 500s are the same - no impact bumpers or extra airbags. The fact that FIAT are selling it in the US does bring up the possibility of Ford importing the KA ?

They are the same car underneath.
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