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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post

What is this and does it work? Is it all photoshop?

Seems to me, unless there is a need for all that trailer height (it looks extra tall to me) they haven't accomplished much because doesn't the rear wake area WITH THE PARTIAL BOATTAIL look every bit as large as the ass end of a regular trailer?
Just what I was thinking. If the trailer is specifically to haul the Miata, it doesn't need to be any bigger than the Miata, does it? (Assume gear & spares go in the truck bed.) So build it to have an aero teardrop shape going back, with clamshell top that opens up for access.

So what you have is a flat bed that carries the Miata, a vertical riser at the front edge that mounts gap seals, and two aerodynamic fairing half-shells that just pop off. (I do wish I could draw...)

PS: Maybe this is a stupid question, but why not just drive the Miata to the track?
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