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Originally Posted by Joseph Davis View Post
Actually, since the last few posts in this thread have been 50% me and I display quite a large amount of knowledge on the subject, you're either a troll or dumb.

#1 reason I don't post much to forums anymore. You don't help anyone by doing so. Anyone capable of understanding can usually figure 95% of it out by themselves, and they find you via email/etc to ask for a tip or to exchange info.
Look JOEY, some people read these forums for information. Some people may have read your original post about running a car with the O2 unplugged and thought it would be okay to do so.

I wasn't knocking on your knowledge as I don't know you. Nor do I know how many cars you have, nor was I being smartass or a troll as you put it.

Stop being a Dbag and realize that I was trying to help the "ecomodder" community by informing people its not good to run the car with the O2 installed in the exhaust, and not wired up properly.

#1 reason I don't like posting much to forums anymore is because of A-Holes like you bashing what people say, instead of thinking where people are coming from when they post things. You don't want Jonny-knows-very-little to read your post go home and unplug his $400 L1H1 O2 sensor, break it then come *****ing to you because he thought you said it was okay.
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