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This thread excites me, as well. However, I haven't the time to learn another language, nor the money for anything more involved than a few logic chips. I just finished a VB program to interface a couple of different geiger counters to my PC and laptop via a standard serial port, so naturally that route comes to mind.

I think a pair of (really cheap) comparator chips to obtain and clean up the pulses from an injector and the VSS, a rising/falling edge detector, and then using the cleaned pulses to toggle the DSR, RI, and DTR pins on an RS232 port might work OK.

I haven't read any comments on the retro analog approach, either. Something similar to an old tachometer circuit, using a bridge to balance injector pulsewidth against vehicle speed, maybe.

I'll probably play with one or both of these approaches, myself...

This forum is really excellent.

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