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Originally Posted by DP86 View Post
Where do you go to school?
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The biggest thing for fuel efficiency this summer is the fact that my commute has changed to 60 miles a day rather than 15. So being able to have an opportunity to be out of the city and on the highway will allow me to "try" and get my car better mileage.

I have only once had truly "great" mpg and that was a trip from Raleigh NC to Charlotte NC roughly a 130 mile trip I filled up and I did the math I had gotten 29 mpg! I thought I had transposed the numbers or something but it indeed happened.

I am also thinking about a restricted plate or something that will limit my engines intake capacity much like F1 or other formula race cars. An under body tray is also in the mix. But all the mods that I am planning will be non-permanent seeing as I will want to sell the car once the Volts are out.
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