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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Now I'm quite pleased. A record tank- 415.5 miles, and there were still 2 gallons left in the tank.
It was also the first time in six years that I'd verified the car's computer. I did it on a couple tanks when it was new and was satisfied with its accuracy. This morning it read 28.8, but the math only came out to 28.127.
That's why you need a fuel log, and need to calculate the actual MPG.
Sure there will be some errors when filling up, but they'll even out over time.

Still, a little over 1/2 an MPG off isn't too bad and I'm still happy with that, especially as I've seen folks here reporting the same thing- not to trust the car's instruments implicitly when you're out of the car's envelope.
Yeah, same thing happening here on a bigger scale as I'm at higher average MPG. The on board computer can be over 6 mpg off.

A good first tank, getting almost 100 extra miles from the gas burned.
That's a significant improvement !
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