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This is a smaller 63kWh pack that was driven 279 miles than the earlier 99kWh pack, that drove 375 miles (and had 18% charge left!). Another very impressive glimpse of this battery:

Record Range for New Electric Car Battery... 279 Miles! | Wall Street Daily

It’s Official: DBM Energy’s Electric Car Battery Is Real

Quoting a translation of a PDF brochure:

Translation (via Google Language Tools) of this PDF brochure:

KOLIBRI Alpha K32 polymer technology for Audi A2
The Audi A2 K32 with the technology of the DBM is by the cell to drive
a coordinated technical high-performance system. Basis
forms developed by the DBM KOLIBRI Alpha polymer technology, a
Intelligent energy storage system based on lithium.

Technical data:

Vehicle------------------Audi A2 1.4 L
Performance------------55 kW peak
Weight------------------1260 kg (empty)
Range-------------------650 km
Battery capacity--------260 Ah
Rated voltage-----------380 V
Energy content---------98.8 kWh
Weight------------------350 kg
Operating temperature -20 ° C to +80 ° C
Usable energy content 97%
Life cycle----------------2000 cycles
Life calendrical----------10 years


Power steering
Power windows
Electric mirrors
Parking assistance
Air conditioning
Electric Locks
Digital SOC - Display
Car Entertainment Multimedia
320s Sport steering wheel
4 Seats
(slight reformatting by me for clarity)
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