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The things that are so intriguing about the Kolibri battery are that the 99kWh pack fit "basically where the fuel tank" was in the Audi A2 -- and that the car still had all four seats and still had a "boot". It drove 375 miles at night (so headlights, and possibly heat were used?) at an average of 55MPH, and at the end it had ~18% of the charge left. So, it has a huge capacity in a relatively tiny space.

At 97% DOD = ~95.8kWh - 18% = ~78.6kWh used, then in 375 miles = ~210Wh/mile.

This may be approximate, but it was supposed to weigh (only!) 350kg or ~772 pounds. This is an aptly named battery -- it weighs a lot less than the 56kWh pack I was planning on using in the CarBEN (about 900 pounds). So, that relatively tiny pack is also relatively light weight.

It is supposed to charge in a very short time. The number mentioned early on is 6 minutes. Probably, this is a single cell, or a small pack; because charging the packs in the two cars (99kWh and 63kWh) in 6 minutes would require an astronomical amount of current. But none the less, this is a very enticing attribute.

And lastly, it is supposed to be a very reasonable cost: I have heard about €1,400 or so? That is a truly staggeringly good value.

So, IF this is all true -- or even if only 2 of them are true, then this Kolibri (Hummingbird) battery is going to be a breakthrough.
Sincerely, Neil
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