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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I think this is one case where I would seriously consider a gps, perhaps connected to a duino to simulate a speed signal just for "simplicities sake". On a car it is a non-issue (unless you spin the tires constantly), but a boat is of course another matter.

There might be some other methods, i.e. I assume boat speed is largely a function of engine rpm plus some fudge for weight/acceleration. If you have a duino monitoring rpm, and you map out the slippage at different rpms and the slippage under various acceleration points, you could get a pretty accurate distance perhaps, and wish you spent the $60 on a gps module
Hi, I'm new here (occasional past lurker) and I'm interested in this GPS/MPGuino concept. I've got a converted 1.0L Geo Metro engine powering an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA). It's a 1990 model engine with factory ECU and throttle body fuel injection, so I think the injector feed should be easy to identify and connect, but in the ELSA application, I don't have speed data.

Would one of you knowledgeable folks know if a 'gps module' - like what's referenced here - is straightforward enough to use for 'speed' that an electronics novice (with decent soldering skills and aptitude) could make it work?

As a little additional background on this ELSA, I made some significant aerodynamic improvements to it a few years back with streamlined strut fairings, gap seals, vortex generators, and a few other subtle, but additive, improvements. I learned a lot in the process and increased the flight envelope by around 20 mph; approx 10 mph lower stall speed, and approx 10 mph faster straight and level flight.

Now I'd like to be able to collect some fuel efficiency data, as well as potentially increase awareness of fuel consumed and in reserve.

In anticipation of the question, I'm quite alright with the speed data being 'ground reference' rather than airspeed.

Thanks in advance for any advice. If I hear that GPS/MPGuino should be relatively straightforward, my next Internet stop will be to buy an MPGuino and other necessary parts.

Best Regards,
Dan Felix
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