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Please help me decide quickly. ('99 Accent vs. 89 CRX)

Hey guys, I have been in dire need of a gas sipper immediately since gas has continued to rise. I found a couple of things local that I am going to look at today. I would appreciate any feedback to help sway my decision.

In the blue corner we have a 1999 Hyundai Accent (1.5 liter 4cyl.) 2dr 5 speed with 101k on the clock. Guy said it runs and drives fine, but he has stripped a lot of the interior out of it. He has also installed headers and a full exhaust. It has a 2" drop on the front via new springs and struts. He is asking $950 for it.

In the red corner, we have a 1989 Honda Civic CRX. It is a 1.6 liter 4 cyl. mated to a 5 speed. It is not the HF model. The guy said he put a newer stock motor in it that has about 50k on the clock, but also said that a bearing in the trans was going out and needed to be fixed or replaced. He says the car will run and drive, but the trans makes a high pitch noise. I told him it sounds like a throw out bearing and thats what he thought it was but upon investigation it was not the throw out bearing. He is asking $1000.

I have looked up the fuel economy on both of these vehicles and the Hyundai is a winner by a small MPG margin. I would like all members feedback on this as well.

How hard would it be to just swap that trans in the CRX?

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