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Kinda on hold, haven't opened the code in a few weeks... I'll be the first to admit my personality has a few flaws, procrastination and lack of inspiration being one :P

I think I may have found a solution to the "dynamic tab array" issue, but I'll have to get my lazy arse back to the coding board to implement it.

In the delay period I'd been thinking about ways to improve the UI responsiveness, and I think I'm going to start making better use of the event timer functionality... by "better use" I believe I may end up implementing the ENTIRE user interface in a chain of timer event functions. Right now it's really only used to time injector delays and a handful of (?) other things... but seeing how simple it is, I think it can be used for the entire user interface! I'll have to play with that idea and see how it works, but if I've gotten this far in the concept, I think the code should be pretty simple once I start to work on it...

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