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I guess just another new guy

hey all, wish i would of found this sight earlier. thought i would do my part so i bought a new 2009 suzuki dr200se. it advertised 105mpg. well after 200 mile breakin I'm getting 74.4mpg. now, i have done some poor driving, some agressive driving, but i am trying to kick those habits its he11 just driving at 55mph and getting passed. so with that i am going to try a few days at 45mph to see what that does. i do have a shop that is getting me a taller engine sproket we'll then see how that does. i feel maybe i should have got a ninja250 or that 230 honda. but i got what i got and i'll live with it any ideas and accessorries? (tach, flow meter non-efi,racks using milkcrate right now, windsheilds, etc) thanks

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