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Now i'm trying to add SdCard support, but there are some problems.
1. Then used Obduino32k (ver. 194) with (// define useSDcard) - i get many errors ( as, "364: error 'byte' does not name a type", ....). Adding #include "WConstants.h solved some problems, but not all.
Then went to previous version (v.193) - withtout CDcard support (// define useSDcard)- it is posible to compile and upload. (Now trying in the car).
2. But then trying Obduino32k with SDcard support (both version 193, 194), compilation goes O.K. ( Binary sketch size: 30050 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum)), but I can't to upload to arduino.
Whitch version of "FileLogger" library is used?
Thanks for answers.
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