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New guy here from MO.

Hey all, I drive a 2008 Mazda3 hatch 2.3L ATX. The car gets *OK* gas mileage I suppose, but I'm doing all I can to improve that since I have a LONG commute to work and gas just hit $3.69 in my area. Anyway, this is what I've done so far modwise:

- Switched to Amsoil 0W-20 synthetic oil.
- I keep the tires at the max pressure indicated on the sidewall.
- I grounded my throttle body.
- I installed a cold air intake.

As far as driving habits, I take it pretty easy, try to keep the car under 2500 rpms as much as possible. I use cruise control on the highway. I put the car in neutral when going down a grade and sometimes to coast to a stop. I keep the windows up & a/c off for the most part. I plan to buy a Scanguage to help track mileage more accurately.

Any suggestions on other things I can do to improve mileage would be great!

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