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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Pendragon, you must be my cyber doppelganger... I was just looking at these Bonneville pics and then the VW spoiler site yesterday. I agree... if it works on cars as different as the Blowfish and a production dub, then some form of the design ought to work on just about any car. Seems logical. I have been looking at pics of the Mercur XR4Ti double spoiler someone mentioned on a thread here... that's a weird and interesting example too.
There was an XR4ti that used to autocross with the local sports car club in the day. It was nicknamed "Mr. Potatohead" because of it's shape. There was a good bit of space between the multiple elements of the rear wing/spoiler. I don't know that it would clean up the airflow that much, but you never know.

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