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My dad built out house starting when I was eight -- so all feet and inches linearly, square feet and yards for areas. I only learnt metric in school at that time. I think they un-bannished other measures now in Onterrible, but it was the metric system only in school.

I learnt or reinforced the concept of fractions from tape measures and wrenches during that housebuilding time. The shop work I did years later, having people forty and under, generally had a VERY difficult time figuring out how to add 5-3/16 to 4-1/2 correctly.

I certainly don't hate ye olde english measurement system; it did help me knowing it.

It's just that I cannot see the justification for Imperial MPG measures in Canada, when no one is going to take a ferry for 2 weeks across the Atlantic to go fuel up in Ireland or England. Given that the majority of Canadians live within 200 miles or closer to the US border, they are MUCH more likely to fuel up on the US side, or buy a car from the US to import it back, and it'd be more sensible to have comparable MPG figures. Over 3/4 of our trade is with the US, not the UK.

That's my perspective, and why I think it's utterly unreasonable to market mileage figures that fit better in the UK, than they do in the country that sits right next to the US.
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