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current is everything in a boat.

how will you KNOW what your efficiency IS if you don't value the current into the equation? did you get better efficiency because you balanced it right? trimmed it right? or because you had a 3mph current pushing you along faster.

Remember in a car a head wind or tail wind will "move" you but with a boat the "ROAD" can move WITH OR AGAINST YOU since its "fluid"

you would need a way to factor in "ground and air" speed or in this case water speed and "actual" speed

I am not even sure how to do that? would paddle wheel be the equiv of air speed and GPS be your ground speed?

how would you calc that into a guino?

I have a feeling its going to be a VERY tough nut to crack and your going to go with Gallons per Hour for your fuel economy.

IE use time not distance to gauge your efficiency since water speed like air speed is a value NOT under your control.
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